Psychotherapy and self-development

I am here for you if you’re not feeling well and need help.

I am also here for you if nothing significantly troubling is happening, but you feel that you would like to improve some area of your life, move forward, realize yourself in a new area, or generally broaden the horizons of your life.

When I can help you

I offer both one-time help in acute situations and long-term cooperation.

Whether it concerns psychotherapy or supportive therapy, my role is to be your companion on the journey to a better understanding of yourself, to finding new ways to face life’s difficulties, and to support your personal growth and self-confidence. Throughout the therapy process, I will be available to you so that you can have confidence that you can talk about everything that is important to you, what you feel, and what you think about. Central to our work together is your individual experience, your lived experience, and your feelings. My goal is to guide you through the whole process so that you start to understand your feelings and emotions, perceive where they come from, understand your psychological needs, and be able to do in life what brings you satisfaction and a good feeling about yourself and your relationships, and be able to navigate situations where your feelings and reason diverge. We will also look at how your body reacts to what you experience and how you can understand its manifestations.

Clients most often turn to me in situations where they don’t feel good, don’t believe in themselves, struggle to achieve their goals, don’t get along with parents, partners, children, colleagues at work. They want to find a partner, cope with a breakup, improve their partnership coexistence, their impact at work, or generally the time they spend with their loved ones and friends. In these situations, they feel misunderstood, unheard, and feel that they have exhausted all available options for resolution. They suffer from long-term feelings of dissatisfaction and feel like they don’t belong anywhere and nobody understands them. I also help couples who struggle with infertility or have unexplained difficulties starting a family, and this situation is a source of dissatisfaction and affects their relationship with themselves, their partner, or others.

In case of an overall feeling of dissatisfaction, we will together explore the reasons for dissatisfaction and find out what you need. If you want change but don’t know how or are afraid to make it, we will explore what prevents you from moving forward. If you don’t want change, but deep down feel that the current state does not suit you or is harmful to you and don’t know what to do about it, we will explore the reasons and seek available options for resolution. We will discuss various scenarios of situations that may seem hopeless to you. In my psychotherapeutic work, I proceed from the fact that every person is unique, and therefore the approach in therapy is based on your specific needs and goals.