Divorce and breakups

Divorce is ranked among the three most critical moments in life. It is a complex and complicated process during which it’s necessary to resolve numerous challenging practical issues related to the division of assets, children’s well-being, as well as dealing with the emotional burden and loss that deeply affects the psychological and emotional lives of those involved. These intense emotional experiences often also affect the ability to agree on practical matters.

Comprehensive counselling leading up to, during and after divorce

In connection with divorces, therefore, I offer comprehensive assistance with the entire process to families interested in finding the least painful solution or guidance for one of the parents.

Together, we will look for practical solutions suitable for your specific situation, your children, considering your life, personal and work opportunities, needs, and the age of your children. The goal is to arrange post-divorce relationships in a way that minimizes the impact on you and your children.

I can also introduce you to the practical aspects of divorce, explain how your situation can typically be expected to be resolved from a legal perspective1.