Psychotherapy for parents and children

I am here for families with children in cases where, as parents, you feel it is appropriate to change the behaviour or experiences of your children, improve communication within the family, or perceive that your children need psychological help.

A prerequisite for psychotherapeutic work with children is cooperation with the parent or parents who create a background and safety for the children and are crucial actors in shaping the relationship with the children.

Together, we will look for ways to better understand the needs, ideas, and motivations of your children and the manifestations of their inner psychological processes in the external world. My help consists of directing interactions between parents and children to strengthen the sense of security and mutual trust. The goal is not only to improve relationships between parents and children but also to enrich the experiences of the children.

I am here to help you figure out how to create harmony and understanding in your family.

In working with parents and children, I base my approach on the principles of dyadic developmental psychotherapy, and I also work with theories and approaches within psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

Consistent with these approaches, I emphasize the importance of secure attachment between parents and children as a foundation for healthy emotional and psychological development. I also utilize the significance of various developmental stages and children’s developmental needs for their overall emotional and psychological development and examine how children cope with different developmental tasks and crises and how parents can support their healthy emotional growth.