About me

I offer assistance to individuals and families with children within the framework of individual psychotherapy and dyadic developmental psychotherapy.

I have completed a self-experience training in group psychoanalytic psychotherapy under the auspices of IAPSA, through which I gained insight into the dynamics of group therapeutic processes. I have seen how our early experiences co-shape and condition our relationships with the surroundings and our personal feeling in relationships. I understood how creating corrective experiences with the therapist or other people in the group can improve our self-experience and relationships with the surroundings.

Currently, I am continuing my education in training in Pesso Boyden psychomotor psychotherapy (PBSP). PBSP is a psychotherapeutic system that helps mitigate the impact of negative emotional relational experiences from childhood on adult life through new emotional experiences. In our work, we also deal with signals and needs of our body, into which our emotions are inscribed over the course of our lives.

Furthermore, I have participated in training in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) Astra DDP, which provided me with a deeper insight into the mechanism of creating a relational bond between parents and children and understanding its influence on the maturation of the child’s brain from the perspective of the latest neuroscience research. I have gained a framework for working with parents and children and support for strengthening or forming a mutually satisfying relationship between parents and children.

My legal education and work with clients in difficult life situations led me to mediation when I was looking for more effective ways of resolving family breakdowns and separations, and achieving agreements on childcare. In case of family breakdown, I offer help with navigating the new life situation and finding solutions that would have the least psychological impact on your life and the lives of your children.

My interest in understanding the functioning of the human psyche leads me to continuous education and participation in a number of professional seminars, within other therapeutic approaches.

The goal of therapy is to support your emotional and psychological development, improve the relationship with yourself and the surroundings, and strengthen relationships within the family.